Welcome to the home of the Global Sound Directory sales team.

We have opportunities available for you to join our sales team and work in the music industry.

  • Do you have a passion for the music industry?
  • Looking to succeed in the sales/ digital marketing profession?
  • Are you keen to earn a regular and rewarding income?

How it works:

  1. Register to be an affiliate using the form below (If not already registered).
  2. Once registered, you will be given a unique link called ‘Your referral URL’.
  3. Use this link to drive potential customers to the directory.
  4. If the customer adds their listing to the directory then you will receive a payment.
  5. You can track sales and earnings in the affiliate area.


  • You will receive roughly 40% commission from each signup, the sign up cost is currently £3.30 therefore you will receive around £1.25 per signup.
  • You will be paid directly into the registered PayPal account on the last working day of each calendar month.
  • Earnings are UNCAPPED therefore you can receive an unlimited amount of income.

Target customers:

  • Recording studios
  • Rehearsal studios
  • Sound engineers
  • Mix engineers
  • Mastering engineers
  • Sound technicians
  • Booking agents
  • Music photographers
  • Guitar tutors
  • Vocal coaches
  • Session musicians
  • Gig promoters
  • Voice over artists
  • Audio visual professionals

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Any questions email support@globalsounddirectory.com.


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